If you are interested in building a reputable brand for your domestic cleaning company which will help to gain customer trust and elevate who you are, consider joining a cleaning trade association. A cleaning trade association can tell your clients that you meet certain criteria which they may be looking for in a domestic cleaning company and thereby provide you with a competitive advantage.

As a trade association representing the domestic cleaning industry on behalf of the British Cleaning Council, in order to define who can join us and for us to provide the best support to our members, we follow a specific definition of "domestic cleaning".

If your domestic cleaning business is considering applying for DCA Membership then firstly let us congratulate you on wanting to join us and our members in promoting legitimate cleaning businesses. We understand that you want to run your business to the best of your ability, and that charlatans in the marketplace can sometimes give domestic cleaners a bad name, which is why we exist, as part of the British Cleaning Council, to support legitimate cleaning businesses like yours to deliver the best possible service.

If you're a domestic cleaning company, you might have heard of the Domestic Cleaning Alliance (DCA), but do you know what it is? And the benefits joining can bring? Here, we'll take a closer look at the DCA and how your domestic cleaning company could benefit by becoming a member.

If you are working hard to grow your domestic cleaning business whilst wrapping your head around industry standards and regulations, researching industry trends and learning a wide range of other important details, you’ll know that it’s no small task.