If finding ways to reduce stress is one of your top priorities when it comes to New Year’s Resolutions, then finding the right house cleaning service can play an important role in helping you to make some personal improvements in 2023.

Letting someone into your home to assist with the house chores can feel unusual at first, however, you have to think of it differently and consider hiring a domestic cleaning company to be a form of selfcare. You are opening yourself up for support, so you can manage daily responsibilities much easier, with less pressure. Whether it’s a one off clean or a routine service you are interested in, finding the right cleaning team can help you to trust a team coming into your home and with excellent results, you may find yourself scheduling in another clean!

As a trade association representing the domestic cleaning industry on behalf of the British Cleaning Council, in order to define who can join us and for us to provide the best support to our members, we follow a specific definition of "domestic cleaning".

If you are interested in building a reputable brand for your domestic cleaning company which will help to gain customer trust and elevate who you are, consider joining a cleaning trade association. A cleaning trade association can tell your clients that you meet certain criteria which they may be looking for in a domestic cleaning company and thereby provide you with a competitive advantage.

If you're a domestic cleaning company, you might have heard of the Domestic Cleaning Alliance (DCA), but do you know what it is? And the benefits joining can bring? Here, we'll take a closer look at the DCA and how your domestic cleaning company could benefit by becoming a member.