Any general cleaning which has to be done as part of the day-to-day running of someone’s home – this is domestic cleaning.

Despite the social and technological changes which cleaning has seen over the last century, it remains a physically demanding activity.

Domestic Cleaning

It’s no wonder more and more people are choosing to seek help around their homes by hiring a cleaning service. Click here to read how our industry sector has evolved.

Not every cleaning task may be undertaken by all who provide domestic cleaning services- carpet cleaning, oven cleaning, and external window cleaning are just a few examples of this. However, you will be able to find dedicated service providers who specialise in these areas.

So, what can you expect when hiring a cleaning service?

In many cases, a modern professional cleaning service is there to supplement the household cleaning regime rather than be the regime itself, as not everyone is in a position to pay what it would cost to hire a cleaning service to take over the entire running of the home.

If you consider an average of, say, three hours professional cleaning once a week, it immediately becomes apparent this could never include all that’s needed to keep any house completely clean. However, a reliable and consistent cleaning service can go a long way to ensuring your home is kept in good condition.

When engaging a cleaning service, in the first instance the service provider should talk to you about your needs; ideally they will visit you in your home, so as to meet you in person and see the areas which require cleaning.  They should then advise you on what they can offer, and quote a clear price for their services.

You can expect to be told whether or not cleaning products & equipment are included as part of the arrangement, and, if not, what you need to provide in order for cleaning to be carried out.

Standards vary, as do customers expectations, and at the Domestic Cleaning Alliance we believe the customer has to oversee the responsibility for setting & monitoring standards within their home. After all, it’s the customer who pays for the service and has to live with the end results, whilst every customer is likely to have requirements specific to their needs & property.

The cleaning operatives who attend your home should have sufficient training & experience to carry out the agreed cleaning tasks to the standard you’ve requested.

Depending on your requests, the condition of your home, and your budget, it may take several visits from the cleaning operatives before any appreciable changes are noticed. Ideally, you’ll be prepared to have several cleaning sessions over a period of time, before deciding whether or not the service is meeting all of your needs.

If you’re not as happy with the service as you thought you might be, have a chat to the owner of the company or the person who carries out the cleaning. Let them know what you were expecting and allow them to tell you why it may not be happening in the way you had hoped.

Communication is key, and by working closely with your service provider you can develop a routine which fits around your lifestyle, allowing you to enjoy the numerous benefits of having your home professionally cleaned.