As a trade association representing the domestic cleaning industry on behalf of the British Cleaning Council, in order to define who can join us and for us to provide the best support to our members, we follow a specific definition of "domestic cleaning".

What is Domestic Cleaning?

Simply put, domestic cleaning is any cleaning task that is required to help keep a home clean. Needless to say, domestic cleaning tasks have changed a lot over time as technology has advanced, making many cleaning tasks much easier than they once were. For example, electronic washing machines and dryers have made laundry services much easier and electronic vacuum cleaners have revolutionised picking up dirt and debris from floor surfaces. You can read more about the history of domestic cleaning here.

Today, whilst technology has made many tasks easier, house cleaning is still a somewhat physical activity and is vital for keeping a home clean, comfortable, and of course, hygienic. Whilst seeking professional cleaning help was once associated with wealthier households, quality house cleaning services from reputable companies is now much more affordable and accessible. As the pace of life increases and people work hard to establish a more healthy work/life balance, more and more households are investing in professional help to carry out general cleaning tasks around the home.

Common Domestic Cleaning Services

As demand for house cleaning services increases, we have also seen a growth in the variety of cleaning services commonly available to domestic customers. As domestic cleaning is defined as any general cleaning tasks required to keep a house clean, there are many services that can be classed as domestic cleaning.

General Cleaning

Traditionally, household cleaning services include a range of general cleaning tasks, such as dusting surfaces, vacuuming and/or mopping floors, changing bins, and general kitchen and bathroom cleaning services to destroy germs. General cleaning services may also include polishing wooden surfaces, cleaning furniture or even making beds.

Specialist Domestic Cleaning

In recent years, many domestic cleaning companies have expanded to include more specialist cleaning services, such as:

  • Window cleaning - indoor and outdoor window cleaning services using professional equipment
  • Mattress cleaning - Mattresses provide a perfect home for all kinds of bacteria, and of course, bed bugs and their faeces. Professional mattress cleaning helps provide a healthier, fresher night's sleep
  • Carpet cleaning - Professional carpet cleaning uses high performance products and machinery to clean and restore carpets.
  • Oven cleaning - Oven cleaning is a task that is often neglected, so more and more people are turning to professionals to keep their ovens, hobs, hoods and extractor fan units clean and well maintained.

Domestic Cleaning Alliance Membership

As a trade association, our aim is to support companies that offer domestic cleaning services to provide the best services possible to their customers. Whilst the cleaning industry is in high demand, there is currently no obligation for domestic cleaning companies in the United Kingdom to be insured.

We are committed to protecting the industry and the interests of homeowners and residents, so we require all domestic cleaning companies to take out insurance before they can gain DCA membership. As a result, when looking for a reputable, trustworthy cleaning service, people can look to our members.

To learn more about what defines domestic cleaning and why to trust DCA members, you can browse our website.

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