The DCA is run by the Directors and a team of Panel Members who set out the guidelines & best practice for both the industry sector and for membership to the DCA.

As well as this, we are supported by our Independent Panel Members – these time-served members of the DCA bring with them decades of experience of running cleaning businesses, either as individual companies or as part of a franchise network. Our Independent Panel Members help review and advise on our policies & procedures before they go live.

Everything about the DCA is steeped in first-hand experience. None of us are afraid to get our hands dirty – literally. Whatever the cleaning task, so long as it falls into the category of housework, you can be sure we’ve proudly done it ourselves, many times.

Delia Cannings Delia Cannings - Patron -


Julie Skade-Corroboy Julie Skade-Corroboy - Panel Member -


Chris Browne Chris Browne - Supporting Panel Member -


Tracy May Tracy May - Members Representative -


Stephen David Stephen David - Company Founder -


Mark Delamere Mark Delamere - Director & Company Secretary -


Karen Bradney Karen Bradney - Panel Member -


Paul Wayt Paul Wayt - Panel Member -