We are the trade association representing domestic cleaning on behalf of the British Cleaning Council.

Our work takes three forms:

Supporting service providers

Supporting end-users & assisting with general enquires regarding our industry sector

Supporting & representing the UK domestic cleaning industry as a whole

Formed in March 2014 to take responsibility for a previously unrepresented sector of the UK cleaning industry, the DCA gained immediate popularity amongst cleaning companies & service providers UK-wide.

Following a successful two-year trial, the DCA was officially launched on the 9th March 2016 by Mr Simon Hollingbery, (then) chairman of the British Cleaning Council.

We are delighted to be the only organisation representing the UK domestic cleaning sector who sits on the members board of the British Cleaning Council, where we act as their go-to authority on all matters to relating to domestic cleaning.

The DCA is constantly striving to increase awareness of the career opportunities countrywide, to improve conditions for those who carry out the cleaning work, and to streamline the ‘customer experience’ for end-users.

In a time of recession and cut-backs, the UK domestic cleaning industry has remained buoyant countrywide and the DCA is working tirelessly to help our members build on this success.

The DCA understands the challenges faced by the industry. We know that service providers are often overwhelmed with work, and that those who choose to hire staff within their company are frequently restricted by the challenge of finding more and more high-quality staff.

We know where the sector is needing our help and support, and we are working to channel our energy and resources into these areas accordingly.

Supported by our ever-growing members’ base, we are working hard to raise the profile of the domestic cleaning industry. We also aim to ensure that those who work at the sharp-end of the service -our dedicated cleaning personnel- are aware of just how vital their role is to the running of homes all across the country.

Despite the number of people currently out of work across the UK, our industry sector continues to struggle to meet the demand for domestic workers. As well as supporting our members with their staff and staffing issues, we endeavour to make everyone aware of our industry and highlight the numerous career opportunities available.