If you are interested in building a reputable brand for your domestic cleaning company which will help to gain customer trust and elevate who you are, consider joining a cleaning trade association. A cleaning trade association can tell your clients that you meet certain criteria which they may be looking for in a domestic cleaning company and thereby provide you with a competitive advantage.

To explore the benefits of joining a British Cleaning Council affiliated cleaning trade association, continue reading.

1. Stay Up to Date with Educational Resources

Just like any other business, in order to stay on the ball and remain competitive in your industry, it is important to be eager to learn. By staying up to date on the latest advancements and regulations in your industry, this can help you to develop your business to grow and increase your likelihood of being successful.

Joining a cleaning trade association can often provide you with a generous range of industry training resources and documents. This will help you to stay in the know on recent industry information and trends, which you can use to create a more customer focused service.

2. Gain Access to Member Events

To further your learning, finding a trade association which provides access to member events used for member meetings and learning more about other important industry related events to attend can be very helpful.

3. Receive Essential Support

If you are a business owner with minimal experience, you may need support when it comes to tax, legal and health and safety. These can be tricky subjects at times, so by having a team to support you with issues in these areas can be reassuring. When choosing a cleaning trade association to join, ask what type of support they offer to see if it fits what you need.

4. Save Money

A cleaning trade association who provides access to preferred suppliers and discounts can be beneficial for those looking to save on some costs, without sacrificing the quality of the service you provide. Enjoy a range of discounts on cleaning products and equipment, which can be useful as a domestic cleaning company. This can also help if you are concerned about membership fees, as you can possibly balance it out.

5. Be Recognised

Having a trade association logo attached to your domestic cleaning business can help to elevate your brand image. When you clean inside people's homes, some customers may want to be extra cautious on who they hire and will be looking for someone trustworthy. A trade association may require proof of insurance and that your company is registered, among other things. These details can be what promotes you as reliable and professional in the industry and encourage customer trust.

The British Cleaning Council

When searching for a trade association for your domestic cleaning company to join, it's important to find the one which is right for you. Take notice on the type of support provided and the benefits of their memberships.

A good place to start with your search is The British Cleaning Council, who is the authoritative voice of the UK cleaning, hygiene and waste industry. The council's membership is made up of 21 trade and membership associations for cleaning and hygiene professions. By browsing their members, you will be sure to find a reliable and supportive trade association who offers what you're looking for.

The Domestic Cleaning Alliance is a cleaning trade association, part of the British Cleaning Council, who support the legitimate cleaning company owners with an affordable membership.