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As part of the British Cleaning Council, we represent professional domestic cleaning.

Our sector is wholly unregulated and believed to be widely populated by people working illegally who offer their services cash-in-hand. However, more and more honest, legal, and insured cleaning companies are emerging, and the DCA is here to recognise this.

As part of the British Cleaning Council, we support the legitimate cleaning company owners in their quest to run their service to the best of their ability. If you’re the owner of a genuine cleaning company, you cannot afford to be without membership to the Domestic Cleaning Alliance.

Running your cleaning service can be a challenging experience, and often it feels like there’s nowhere to turn for help, or that no one understands your situation. Chances are, you’ll have plenty of work, but managing staff and meeting customer expectations is an up-hill struggle.

By joining the DCA, you will be supporting your industry sector, and in return can benefit from a huge range of discounts & services. Membership is entirely affordable, starting at just £50 per year.

And as a member of the Domestic Cleaning Alliance, you can proudly display our logo wherever you wish, so that everyone will see that yours is a legitimate cleaning service and one which is striving only for the highest standards.

Domestic Cleaning Van
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Key benefits of joining Domestic Cleaning Alliance

Listing on DCA website

Discounts on everyday purchases

Access to the DCA members’ forum

Access to HR, H & S, Tax and Legal Help Line

Access to over 750 Documents