An exclusive offer * to provide private medical plans for members of Domestic Cleaning Alliance has been arranged with HMCA, including a £50 gift card or £100 off your first-year subscription upon joining a private medical plan.

If you already have a private medical plan, are you paying too much? You could save money by transferring to HMCA. Why not request a no obligation quote ahead of your renewal? You may transfer to HMCA at any age, without a medical examination and will receive guaranteed acceptance under our transfer facility with a 14 day money-back guarantee.

This offer is also available to you if you do not currently have private medical cover. With hospital waiting lists at a record high, there has never been a better time to start a private medical plan.

Why choose an HMCA Private Medical Plan?

  • Your choice of hospital and specialist
  • NHS queues avoided
  • No age limits
  • Tax free NHS cash benefit
  • Claims settled promptly
  • Excellent UK based service

HMCA offer four levels of private medical plans for individuals, family groups and companies as well as dental plans, hospital cash plans, travel plans and vehicle breakdown recovery. Our many years of experience ensures we have a plan to suit your needs at the best possible price.

The Hospital Sickness & Injury Money Plan provides tax free cash should you need to stay in hospital overnight as a result of sickness or injury.

The Dental Plan provides cover for routine examinations, hygiene, X-rays, and remedial and restorative treatment with a private or NHS dentist. Cover is also provided for emergencies, accidents and oral cancer.

The Travel Plan provides medical expenses cover up to £10 million when you travel overseas. You can cover single trips inexpensively and regular travellers can have an annual contract.

The Breakdown Recovery Club gives full cover, at a low cost, for home-starts, roadside assistance and recovery following an accident or breakdown.

Who are HMCA? - HMCA has specialised in providing benefits and services to associations and professional groups since the 1970s. HMCA is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

For further information and quotations contact HMCA by telephone on 01423 799949 or visit the exclusive HMCA Domestic Cleaning Alliance website here:

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Private Healthcare Is Peace Of Mind

No matter how fit and healthy we are, it is inevitable that at some point in our lives we will fall ill and need medical care. And when illness does strike it is to the NHS that most people will turn in seeking a diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

The NHS has for some years been showing signs that it, too, is not in the best of health. A growing and ageing population is putting an ever-increasing strain on staff and services. A problem exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic. Reports of underfunding, a shortage of medical staff, noisy and overcrowded wards, cancelled operations and long waiting times will be familiar to everyone.

In England, hospital waiting lists are longer than ever before, with a total waiting list of 6.84 million people with nearly one in eight of the population waiting for treatment.* This is the highest number since records began and illustrates the devastating impact that COVID-19 has caused the NHS.

Quick, private and convenient

Understandably, these lengthy delays are causing additional stress for patients, undermining their health and quality of life even further. How many people do you know whose physical health and mental well-being has deteriorated from the anxiety of having to wait months for a hospital appointment?

All this can be avoided by taking out private health insurance. Seeing a doctor in private practice used to be only for the wealthy, but not anymore as the cost of private medical cover is becoming more affordable.

A private medical plan delivers prompt access to hospital consultants, thus avoiding lengthy waiting lists. Patients can choose from an extensive list of hospitals throughout the UK; if they need to be admitted, they will have their own private room equipped with TV and telephone, and visiting is arranged to suit patient and family. A quick, private and convenient service that removes many of the anxieties associated with NHS hospital stays. Furthermore, some providers have no upper age limit attached to their policies and cover can even be extended to include family members.

Taking control of your healthcare

However, those interested in taking out health insurance should not leave it too late. As we get older our healthcare needs increase. Therefore, as only some of the best health insurance companies provide cover for pre-existing conditions, the best time to invest in getting private treatment for illnesses you may suffer tomorrow – is today.

By acting now you can ensure your future healthcare will not be dictated by NHS bureaucracy and, just as importantly, you will be able to benefit from the widest possible cover.

Private health insurance cannot guarantee good health, but it can ensure that when you are feeling unwell you will quickly receive the best possible care, when and where you want it. The peace of mind that comes with that knowledge cannot be underestimated and is often the most important factor for people deciding to take control of their healthcare provision and "go private".