If your domestic cleaning business is considering applying for DCA Membership then firstly let us congratulate you on wanting to join us and our members in promoting legitimate cleaning businesses. We understand that you want to run your business to the best of your ability, and that charlatans in the marketplace can sometimes give domestic cleaners a bad name, which is why we exist, as part of the British Cleaning Council, to support legitimate cleaning businesses like yours to deliver the best possible service.

To help fast track the application process and give you the best chance of getting your membership application approved, we've put together some top tips on what you need to check before you apply for DCA membership.

Have the Relevant Insurance

Though it is not a legal obligation for cleaning businesses in the UK to be insured, this is something we insist on for our members as it demonstrates theirs and our commitment to maintaining high standards.

As a cleaning business you are in a position of trust and need to make sure you treat your clients homes and possessions with care and respect. There are a wide range of insurance companies out there offering cover for domestic cleaning businesses, so shop around to get the best deal but remember to check you are covered for:

  • Public liability insurance - to protect you against third party injury or damage such as someone slipping on a freshly mopped floor.
  • Employers liability insurance - to protect your cleaning staff if they have an accident or illness as a result of working for you.

Be Registered with HMRC

As part of the application approval process we will need to check that your domestic cleaning business is registered with HMRC. This not only shows us and anyone else that you are a genuine business, but it also ensures that you pay the correct amount of tax.

Know Which DCA Membership You Require

Before starting your application, it makes sense to check which level of DCA Membership you require. We currently offer two tiers of membership:

  • Associate Member - benefits include telephone support for tax and legal issues, full suite of documents for HR and health & safety and access to DCA preferred suppliers list.
  • Full Member - all of the benefits of associate membership plus a link to your website and social media pages and recruitment advertising opportunities on our website.

Please visit our DCA membership page to view the full benefits of each level of membership in full.

We also offer Corporate Membership opportunities for businesses that are related to the cleaning industry but for whom running a cleaning business may not be the primary focus. This can include organisations that operate a cleaning company but that also supply our members with goods and services. We offer full corporate membership with a range of bespoke benefits and advanced full corporate membership to other trade associations and franchise brands. Please click here to find out more about DCA Corporate Membership.

Start Your Application Today

If you have insurance for your domestic cleaning company, are registered with HMRC and have taken the time to review our levels of membership, now is the time to start your application with us. Simply click here to access our online membership form and we'll be in touch as soon as we have reviewed the information and made the necessary checks. Please note that we don't tie you into any contracts and it's easy to upgrade, downgrade or cancel your DCA membership at any time.

For any more information on becoming a member or to find out how the Domestic Cleaning Alliance can support your cleaning business please contact us on 0121 369 1001 or email us at [javascript protected email address].